Traffic Management Course Prerequisites

traffic management course prerequisites

Prerequisites and stand down periods for Temporary Traffic Management qualifications as prescribed by NZTA. Here is the list of Temporary Traffic Management Prerequisites for each of our training courses: 


  • Level 1 Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Worker = no prerequisite required.
  • Level 1 Traffic Controller = completed their TTM Worker course.
  • Level 1 TC Refresher = must have a TTM qualification not expired longer than one year.
  • Level 1 STMS = Holds a current TC qualification or has held an STMS (at any time) in the past. To attend a Level 1 STMS course a trainee must have held their first TC qualification for a minimum of a month. 
  • Level 1 STMS Refresher = STMS qualification expired no longer than a year. 
  • Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS – Current Level 1 STMS OR has held a L2/3 qualification at any time. 
  • Level 2/3 STMS NP Refresher = Level 2/3 STMS NP qualification expired no longer than one year.

Level 2/3 STMS (Practical Assessment).

  • Must hold L2/3 STMS NP qualification 
  • A L2/3 STMS practical assessment can be applied for on the day after an L2/3 STMS NP has been completed. 
  • However, the L2/3 STMS assessment process requires the candidate to furnish evidence of 3 closures as a trainee under a qualified L2/3 STMS or a probationary L2/3 STMS. This will take additional time. 


Level 2/3 STMS R = Recognition of Previous Experience (ROPE).

  • A ROPE pass is a privilege not a right. Only L2/3 STMS with high standards will be granted a ROPE pass. All applicants must have recently held a L2/3 STMS, and hold a current L2/3 STMS NP. 
  • The applicant must show evidence of satisfactory past practice by providing details of 6 closures undertaken while a current L2/3 STMS. 
  • These closures must have taken place in the last 9 months prior to the application. Any applicant who has incurred a non-conformance or some other form of unsatisfactory performance will be denied a ROPE. 
  • Applicants who are not granted a ROPE pass, must undertake a practical assessment to regain L2/3 STMS. 



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