All Your TMP Questions Answered

All Your TMP Questions Answered 


Traffic Management Plans are a vital piece of documentation that details the way activities on the road will be carried out to maximise the safety of road users and workers. TMP’s are site-specific. The plan details how all road users (including cyclists and pedestrians) are to be directed around the worksite to avoid accident or any other disruption. 

Traffic Management Plans are then designed to the individual conditions of the area. The plan details how users will be able to navigate around the site in the way that best minimises risk and inconvenience.


 TMP’s are required for any activity that varies the normal operating conditions of any part of the road corridor (including the road, footpath or berm). For example, if the work will prevent: 

  • Access to a driveway
  • Road access in the case of an event
  • Normal use of a vehicle driving
  • Normal pedestrian access

Unless the work is an emergency, all TMP’s must be submitted before undergoing any activity that alters the normal operating conditions of the area. 


How does Evolve come into the picture? 

We’re qualified personnel under NZTA requirements and are able to design, set up and maintain TMP documentations. Evolve offer TMP designs for events, construction, roading, utilities and film. Get in touch if you are looking for TMP design or if you have any questions about the TMP process. 

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