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fInvolving Evolve as an external auditor of temporary traffic management is the best step to creating a safe and compliant worksite. All our auditors have attained the highest level of practical qualification in the industry (Level 2/3 P STMS) and are dedicate to going through every aspect of an audit to find the root cause of the fault at hand. Reasons to undertake temporary traffic management (TTM) auditing services includes: 

  1. 1. To comply with Health and Safety obligations. 
  2. 2. To improve current TC and STMS standards on-site. 
  3. 3. To maintain standards on roading networks (to be completed by road owners). 

Successful TTM audits exist to protect the safety of the people involved with the worksite environment. For us, it’s about creating a safe work environment so everybody can get home safely at the end of the day. Here are the benefits of requesting a TTM audit with Evolve: 

1. Safer Sites 

One prevalent advantage of assessing TTM with an external auditor is that the auditor will no preconceived ideas of the site, the contractor or the purpose of the project. Our team never jump to conclusions about the reasonings behind specific strategies and structures. Evolve come in to be a fresh pair of eyes and we are able to notice specific situations that may have otherwise been missed or overlooked. 


2. Risk Mitigation

The risk of danger and injury can easily be avoided with a full worksite TTM audit. Following the official process of the auditing system, corrective actions can be identified and on-site coaching is held to rectify any issues at hand. After auditing, often worksite managers choose to enrol staff in Evolve’s traffic management or ConstructSafe courses to increase onsite competence and understanding of current regulation. 


3. Increased Conformance 

Evolve’s auditing process ensures constant feedback when coaching staff on any compliance issues. We work to maintain standards in a progressive way and help to generate smarter more efficient ways of working. We help life the bar on your worksite. Our auditors provide expertise knowledge and training so that you are able to do your job. If further training is required by staff on your TTM worksite we advise on the best course to help improve conformance through our mentor programme. 

Request an audit with Evolve to produce safer sites, mitigate risk and increase conformance in workplace health and safety practices. Get in touch with our qualified team to explore the possibilities and opportunities for improvement on your worksite. 



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